Monday, September 3, 2018

It makes such a big difference both physically and mentally

Before my rhinoplasty procedure I was very self conscious of a bump on my nose. I would always wear glasses to hide it, and always said when I could afford it I would get my nose fixed. The doctor explained everything clearly, about how he could improve my nose so I wouldn’t need to hide it behind glasses. All the staff were friendly and respectful. I was never anxious and was excited about having it done. I was very satisfied with the whole surgery and felt great a couple of days after the op, even with the plaster on my nose.

Post-surgery my nose is now in much better shape and it's making an amazing difference. I wear contact lenses now and I feel much more confident. I recommend that anybody considering nose surgery to have a consultation and see what can be done. It makes such a big difference both physically and mentally.

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